Send Vouchers and Unique Coupon Codes with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Voucherz is a no-code app that allows you to create or import unique codes and use them in your communications without AmpScript or Automations of any kind.

Send Vouchers and Unique Coupon Codes with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Increase conversions

Emails with promo codes boast 14% higher open rates and 34% higher click rates. Worry no more about Conversion Rate Optimization and let marketing be an asset!

Sell more

Emails with promo codes generate 48% higher revenues. The hardest part is to get customers to the store or the website. Coupon codes or vouchers do!

Reduce churn

Inactive customer? Unsatisfied? Why not send a gift card? Promo codes are a proven way to re-engage customers and build loyalty.

Ready to get Started?

Voucherz features

Custom content block

Drag-and-drop your codes

Use our custom content block to easily drag-and-drop your codes in your email communications.

QR codes

You can also use QR codes.



Monitor your pools and increase marketing campaigns efficiency

Vouchers Pool

Voucher codes creation

Create as many codes as you want and define your rules, your thresholds. You can "refill" or even upload.

Awesome design

Voucherz is fully integrated in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, yet brings a fresh and comfortable UI to your marketing stack.

Customer Success Story


What piece of advice would you give to a marketer that wants to get started with coupon emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Well, mainly 2 things:

Dealing with codes across an organization can quickly get messy if you create too much of them. So first, work on your segments and be precise.

Second thing to keep in mind is, as always in marketing I shall say, to test everything: coupons? Gift cards? Amount of money? Percentage? If you want to be successful, you must test what you are doing.

Thanks to Voucherz, we can easily bring our use-cases to life.

Benoît Garnero

CRM Manager

The missing piece between Sales & Marketing

Say Hi to Abby 😄

Abby is significantly increasing email CTR... but she can't link revenue to clicks. Cezium can help with Voucherz for Salesforce Marketing Cloud!
Did you know that coupon codes can increase by 48% the revenue per email according to a study?



/per month per BU

Growth package

(No credit card required)

Event Coupons

If you want to boost your registrations, you can also use QRcodes in Voucherz as an event pass! All in one!


You need to sell quickly or have too much stock? Use this kind of coupon and delight your customers.

Gift Cards

Free money and ready to use! Who would say no?! Add an expiration date to boost redemption 🚀

Discount Codes

Adapt the bait to the target and sit tight… A personalized offer on a desired product: great reaction asset!

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